Today is an Opportunity, Hear the Knocking

Opportunity is knocking. Opportunity is knocking all the time. All the time. Listen.

Sometimes you may not hear the knocking. Or you may hear,Today is an Opportunity, Hear the Knocking Articles see, or sense it and then ignore or discount it. You may, for example, be preoccupied with the absence of the opportunity you desire. You may think that you are giving your attention to the opportunity you desire, but if you are complaining or feeling sad that it is not present, then you are focused on its absence. Preoccupation with absence, allows absence to expand. Preoccupation with the absence of your heart’s desires can be very disempowering.

Desires are an essential part of life. In fact, without desires there is no life. Desires lead you to opportunity and/or help opportunity 오피 예약법 to find you. When you hold a space for whatever you desire to experience in your life, you invite in the opportunity with your readiness and eagerness. It is helpful that you identify what is an opportunity for you. Remember, what is an opportunity for someone else may not be an opportunity for you. Your own personal empowerment is entirely in your hands.

The more confident and hopeful you are, the more likely you will be able to listen for and hear the knocking of opportunity. Finding ways to be more hopeful about any aspect of life can make you more ready to let in new opportunities.

You might consider preparing yourself and your space in the same way you would prepare your physical space for an honored guest. You can clean your living space and clear your thinking so that you can feel good about opportunity’s presence. If you want to hear the opportunity when it knocks, fine-tune your hearing and other senses. The very best way to recognize the opportunity is to be happy. Happiness is the key to resonating with the opportunity that you have defined as one of your heart’s desires.

So, consider, what opportunity are you ready for in your life? Do you know? Is it joy? Is it Peace? Is it Abundance? Is it Friendship? Is it Celebration? Is it livelihood? Is it all of the above? There’s no need to limit yourself. Listen for the knocking of opportunity.

Invite in the Peace and Joy and Friendship and anything else you want to experience. Be specific or be general. Be clear about the essence of what you desire, relax, and let it in. Listen, open and receive.