How to Choose a Laser Pointer?

Have you heard the laser pointer? Do you know its magic function? If you are looking for a great and proper laser pointer,How to Choose a Laser Pointer? Articles I’d like to give some advice before you making a decision. It is different from normal toys or tools. If you don’t use it in a correct way, it will impair your or others health. As a result, this item is a prohibited item in some countries. You should know the policyof your country before purchasing a laser.

Laser pointer is safe laser részletre commonly used in those domains, such as teaching, speech, medicine, science, astronomy and entertainment. However, it is a difficult for those people to choose a right one because laser pointers have different types and power.

At first, I’d like to talk about its appearance. The most common is laser pen which looks like a pen. You just need to press the button and the laser will be emitted from the end of the pen. The other one looks like a flashlight. This kind of laser pointer usually has a greater power than laser pen.

And then, let’s have a look at the power specification. When we choose laser pointer, there are some description of specification. It can be divided into two parts: the wave length and the power. The unit of wave length is NM. The common wave length is 532nm. There are other different wave lengths, such as 405nm, 650nm. Otherwise, power is the key factor of laser light. The lowest power is about 3mw. The strongest power can be reached 1000mw. But it is not allowed to use except special purpose with a use license. At market, the laser pointers within 300mw are available.

Third, there are different colors of laser pointers, such as green, red, blue and purple and blue. The common one is green laser pointer. The light of green laser is more visible and brighter than other colors. Thegreen laseris also the hot sale item.