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About Me

Hello my name is Derek Millmoor.

I am a Full Time Experienced Piper with a Happy outgoing personality. Having played the bagpipes for many years and have played for various functions throughout the country, enabling me to gain experience in making YOUR occasion even More Special with the unique effect the pipes create.

My pipes have added atmosphere to Weddings, Medieval Banquets, Anniversaries, Christenings, Opening of New Shops & Restaurants, Fabulous Cathedrals & Churches, Reunion Parties in Pubs to Private Celebration in Homes.

Please give me a call for an informal chat. I am competitive and offer excellent value for money. Every booking is different owing to mileage and times of day etc. Booking well in advance is advisable, as I am kept extremely busy.

Please enjoy my site and have a good look around.  The site is full of things I find funny, interesting and there is also some sample music to wet the appetite.

I have been a keen musician all of my life. Having played the bagpipes for over twenty years and realizing that their was not a great deal of good pipers in the North east of England. I decided in 1997 to go out as a Full Time Professional Piper. I AM the Luckiest man in the world as I play everyday of the week for Happy people from all backgrounds who are intent on having a wonderful time. No Hassle. No Targets, No Managers. I just play very good lively music. GREAT...............



The Pipes create a lively happy atmosphere at a Wedding, and I know that your guests and friends will talk about this for a long time.

I can make your day even more SPECIAL by any or all of the following:-

ENTERTAIN your party of guests before you arrive, and then escort you into church.
PLAY inside the church during the signing of the register.
PLAY your guests, yourself and groom out of the church following the ceremony.
MEET you at the reception to play for the guests and escort you to your top table.
PROVIDE entertainment at an evening reception.

I have played at York Minster, Ampleforth Abbey, Ripon, Durham Cathedral's and the Houses of Parliament. I have played for Sir, Gordon Banks, Ian. St. John, Nobby Styles, Robson Green, Tony Blair, and the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Sample Wedding Music: 

Scotland the Brave & Glendaural Highlanders

Bonnie Dundee

Sky boat Song & I love a Lassie



We just wanted to drop you a little note with a Huge thank you inside it!!
You helped make our wedding day so very special. When I think of the pipes. I still get "goose bumps!"

You sounded fantastic!

Thanks once again, lots of love.

Nicol and Chris

P.S. The cheeky "smile" was a crowd pleaser!


A keen Scottish rugby supporter was watching a match against England at Murrayfield. Beside him was the only empty seat in the entire stadium. "Whose seat is that?" asked the man on the other side. "It's my wifes". "But why isn't she here?" She's dead."  "Well, why didn't you give the ticket to one of your friends?" They're all at the funeral."

What do you call six weeks of rain in Fort William?.............   The Summer Holidays



Always a Sad occasion, people request a piper as a token of respect if their Loved Ones were members of the forces.

Many people just love the sound of the pipes. Numerous funeral Services use my skill as an experienced piper.

I have been informed the pipes create a Dramatic Effect for both burials and cremations.

Sample Funeral Music: 

I Am Sailing

Amazing Grace


Special Occasions

To be booked for a christening is something special. I precede the proud parents and God parents who carry the new baby back home. Strangely the pipes don't seem to upset the babies!

I also pipe at local boxing matches. Manager trainer Tommy Conroy uses my piping skills to inspire Ryan Kerr who is the first Scotsman to clinch an English title. (Super Middleweight Champion). The cheers from the crowd as I pipe Ryan to his corner is electrifying and deafening. If Ryan has a bad round and the crowd go quiet I start up the pipes and Ryan usually goes up a gear. GREAT STUFF.

On one occasion I was asked to wait in the dark out of sight on top of a hill beside a well known monument until a chap proposed to his fiance. I was to allow her enough time to answer then start to play the pipes. I was hoping that she accepted his proposal or the grand gesture would be futile. Luckily she did.

On another occasion I was asked to wait on a deserted beach late at night when a young man had bought a holiday home as a surprise for his wife. The signal for me to start playing was when he switched on the light in the dining room. I can honestly say my job is full of surprises.!!

Golf - the sport in which you shout "Fore" shoot Five, and write Three.

Burns Suppers

Burns Suppers. January, 25th but it need not be on that day. I can address the Haggis if required as well as piping it to the top table.
I can entertain your guests with many Anecdotes, jokes and stories.

The benefit to you in organizing a good night out for Your clients are:-

  • They Will tell all their friends.

  • They Will come back next year

Notice on Scottish golf club wall: Rule No. 28: A ball cannot be picked up as lost at least until it has stopped rolling.

Venues. For Burns Suppers:-
Pubs. Restaurants, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Private Parties in you own Home.

Romance is not Dead.

I Was booked to play at Whit worth Hall. Spennymoor. A lovely place with a valley and a gazebo surrounded by Roses, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. I had to be ready and tuned in and Hidden by 1.30.p.m. Prompt.
He brought his young lady down the steps into the gazebo and when I came out playing SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR. He gave her some flowers and told her that He Loved Her. She Cried. It was fabulous. Very Romantic.


University Balls.  Blessings. Christenings. To name but a few of the varying events at which I have piped.  

Private parties in peoples own homes are really something. The surprise on their  faces as I walk up the street playing the pipes then turn into their drive makes my job really worth while.

The feed back from these people always overwhelms me. To have the guests dancing to my music is fabulous, I wouldn't swap my job for anything.

Sample Party Music: 

Pipe Major G Allen

Cock of the North

A 100 Pipers

Pumpkins Fancy

Q. What's the difference between a bagpipe and an onion?
A. No one cries when you chop up a bagpipe.

Q. What do you call ten sets of bagpipes at the bottom of the sea?
A. A Start.

Q. What's the difference between a bagpipe and a trampoline?
A. You take your shoes off when you jump on a trampoline.

My Music

In an age when everything is becoming cloned, and so many things seem to sound the SAME. Songs from Scotland go on and on. Pop Songs whizz past and vanish forever. Some might pop up again as Golden Oldies after three years. But the familiar Scots songs seem to be embedded in the Sole forever.

No wedding, no housewarming or homecoming or celebration can be complete without a burst of the simple old music.

I have assembled in my Pipe Bag from the cosy sentiment of "She Moved Through the Fair" to the Majesty of "Scotland the Brave" and with something for everybody in between. It's a record for a reminiscent smile, a jolt of patriotic fire, It's a reminder that we all belong to Scotland. But when you think of it, the music of Scotland belongs to everyone.

A Scotsman will never be insulted if you offer him a small glass of whisky.
He will merely swallow the insult.

How to Contact Us

(19th Century Method)

Write to: 

Derek Millmoor

1The Paddock

Billy Row


Co Durham

DL15 9TH

(20th Century Method)


(01388) 765 519


(21st Century Method)

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