About Me your Wedding Bagpiper.

I have been a keen musician all of my life. Having played the bagpipes for over twenty years and realizing that their was not a great deal of good Scottish pipers in the North East of England. I decided in 1997 to go out as a Full Time Professional piper.  I AM the Luckiest man in the world as I play everyday of the week for Happy people from all backgrounds who are intent on having a wonderful time. No Hassle. No Targets, No Managers. I just play very good lively Scottish and Irish music. GREAT...............

I had received a thank you card from Laura & Jamie savage from Glasgow for the wedding at Grinkle Park 23rd September. On comparing the photographs from 2011 back to 1997 when I started full time it made me think of the journey I have taken.

over 364.000 miles not counting Morocco,  Portugal, and Malta bookings.

aprox. 728 weddings. 2100 funerals and about 3.000 parties. No wonder I have gone gray. Laura and Jamie quoted You were a great asset to our day and your enthusiasm, professionalism and humor really stood out!     Fabulous


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scottish pipers

An English silver expert traveling in Scotland was asked if he would like to look at the trophies won by the Scottish national football team.

He said "he wasn't interested in Antiques."

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Here in the uplands the soil is ungrateful; The fields, red with sorrel, are stony and bare.

A few trees, wind-twisted - or are they but bushes? - Stand stubbornly guarding a home here and there.

Scooped out like a saucer, the land lies before me, the waters, once scattered, flow orderly now.

Through fields where the ghosts of the marsh and the moorland still ride the old marches, despising the plough.

The marsh and the moorland are not to be banished; the bracken and heather, the glory of broom.

Usurp all the balks and the field's broken fringes, and  claim from the sower their portion of room.

This is my country, the land that begat me. These windy spaces are surely my own.

And those who here toil in the sweat of their faces are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.

Hard is the day's task - Scotland, stern Mother! - Wherewith at all times thy sons have been faced.

Labour by day, and scant rest in the gloaming with want an attendant not lightly outpaced.

Yet do thy children honour and love thee, harsh is they schooling yet great is the gain.

True hearts and strong limbs, the beauty of faces kissed by the wind and caressed by the rain. 

Sir Alexander Gray (1882-1967)




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