How To Remove Ingrown Hairs In Pubic Region

Causes of Ingrown Hairs in the Pubic Region

The most common cause of ingrown hairs in the pubic area is shaving with a mediocre pubic shaver. If you plan to use shaving as a long term method to remove your pubic hair, you need to invest in a solid pubic shaver. Pubic hair removal methods like waxing and tweezing may also cause ingrown hairs as long as hair is cut off under the skin.

Other causes of ingrown pubic hair include:

  • Tight underwear or pants
  • Dry skin
  • Thick, curly or stiff hair
  • Pubic hair follicles that are blocked with oil or dead skin cells

Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs in the Pubic Region

A common and effective home treatment for ingrown hairs that I know of involves the use of a hot cloth or hot compress on the affected region to reduce inflammation. After applying the hot material on your ingrown pubic hair for a couple of minutes, pubic hair beneath the skin should soften and rise above the skin. If the hair does not surface, try again in a couple of hours or another day as it may not have grown long enough but never ever attempt to squeeze or dig the hair out as this may cause bleeding and permanent scars.

Once you are able to see a tiny part of the ingrown hair on the surface of your skin, use a pair of sterilized tweezers to pull out the hair. Wash your pubic area, towel dry and apply some antiseptic cream to prevent infections.

If the pulling out of ingrown hairs δερματολογικό κέντρο doesn’t sound very appealing to you, you may purchase some hair removal cream from your dermatologist or pharmacy that is capable of dissolving ingrown pubic hairs under your skin without irritating the skin in your pubic area.

3 Precautions During Your Recovery Period

You should try not to wear any tight underwear or pants before all your ingrown hairs have healed. If your pubic area develops ingrown pubic hairs as a result of wearing tight clothing pretty often, you might want to purchase clothing made of softer materials or ditch them all to prevent ingrown hairs.

Although some people recommend using wax to