Cosmetic Dentistry: Enhancing Halloween to New Levels

The costumes,Cosmetic Dentistry: Enhancing Halloween to New Levels Articles accessories, candy, and parties that occur on Halloween make up a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. Last year, the Halloween Industry Association—yes, there is even a trade association for this industry—reported that all things Halloween is worth upwards of $6 billion. Avid Halloween participants go to great lengths months before October to assemble the best costume for the year. As such, many Halloween lovers even alter their physical appearance in time for October 31st. Some of these alterations involve undergoing plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry procedures, optometry exams, and altering hairstyles.

Those who undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures have gone as far as permanently installing Dracula-like fangs, while others have simply received a cosmetic enhancement so that they can more easily wear false dentures for Halloween. Others have received molds and various caps to make their costumes look more gruesome and terrifying for the Halloween season. Other Halloween fans have gone to optometrists in order to receive prescriptions for special contact lenses that can change the appearance of the eye or black out the white area around the eye ball completely. These special contacts are call ‘black sclera’ and are truly some of the spookiest accessories one can find.

Others choose to dramatically alter their hair style, either by changing colors, moving a hair or scalp line, or removing hair altogether. Depending on the costume, dramatically altering the hairstyle can be an integral part of the perfect Halloween costume. As this Halloween season is sure to grow well over the $6 billion industry goal, Halloween-goers are sure to run into some truly loyal and devoted characters that have undergone some form of physical alteration to enhance their costume and overall persona.

For those ardent Halloween loyalists looking for a physical alteration to better their costume, make appointments halloween bar ideas early as there is sure to be a long wait. Whether resolute Halloween fans are headed to a specialized dentist, plastic surgeon, or hair stylist, planning well ahead of next Halloween is a wise decision that will ensure a costume comes out in its fullest. Dentists will surely have a long wait this season, but whichever the procedure, these avid Halloween fans are not afraid to visit an office that specializes in cosmetic dentistry in preparation for All Hallows’ Eve.

For those who go all out for the Halloween season, it would be a good idea to begin looking for costumes, accessories, and booking appointments months before October. Ardent fans will have already planned out their costume and theme, but for those slow on the ball, getting started early will help achieve the best costume that fits one’s specific style and budget. By getting started early, Halloween lovers will beat the lines to the dentist and eye doctor, as well as the long lines that will accumulate once the temporary Halloween costume shops begin to pop up in September.